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Natura Effects Giving Back Charity and Donations Program


Medical Tattooing has made such a difference in so many lives. Natural Effects Paramedical Micropigmentation clinics were founded in California by Evan Lee. Prior to discovering its amazing uses and benefits, Evan worked in the legal field for over 15 years. Upon discovering the micropigmentation industry and its amazing ability to help people, Evan jumped in head first and has never looked back since. One of the primary reasons Evan wanted to get into the industry is to not only help people, but he wanted to teach and train and let the world know how great medical tattooing is. 


While running his own practice, teaching and training new students, Evan would perform pro bono procedures and treatments free of charge to burn victims, women with breast cancer mastectomies, and vitiligo patients on the weekends through various medical organizations. Evan donates to many different charities and still continues to this day. These core principals still exist and it is engrained in every one of his students and fellow practitioners. We made it official by starting the GIVING BACK PROGRAM.





The Giving Back Program is instituted at all locations and all of our practitioners share its passion. For every procedure, we donate a portion to various charities annually and they are listed below. If you have a charity that you would like to support and it ties into what we do, please contact us for consideration. We also support many different charities on top of our donations by raising awareness through our website and social media.



We often perform many procedures free of charge and provide our services for patients through many charitable foundations. If you have any financial conditions and situations that you would like us to consider, please contact and let us know during your consultation. The majority of our work is provided and performed through our charitable foundations that we support. You can inquire more info through your physician or by contacting us.

Talk to your Practitioner to find out more information on our programs for charity and donations. Not all locations provide the same support to all organizations and charitable support depends on each location and practitioner's support. All of our donated and pro bono work is provided through local medical support programs. Below are a few samples of charitable organizations we have donated to and continue to support.

Contact us for more information.

Thanks! We will be in contact soon!

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