What exactly is the Hyaluron Pen?

The Hyaluron Pen is the newest and safest technological alternative to lip and dermal fillers. The most popular treatments with the Hyaluron Pen are for upper and lower lip fillers to add volume and shape correction. Men and women with very thin lips can lift the lips by adding filler around the edges to lift the lips and adding volume.  

The Hyaluron Pen also can add volume and plump up areas that are deeply indented from loss of fat and tissue. Areas such as deep forehead wrinkles, smile lines, jowls, and cheek wrinkles can be filled to stretch the skin and give the area more density and volume. Really deep smile and forehead wrinkles benefit the most from the Hyaluron Pen treatment and, depending on the type of filler chosen, can last between 8-10 months. Compared to traditional needle fillers, the Hyaluron Pen is less painful, has far less bruising and swelling and fewer chances of skin aggravation and allergic reactions since it does not use any needles.

The cost of the treatment depends on the type of filler used, and the amount. A typical (good quality) filler can range between $400USD to $600USD for 1ml. Obviously, the cost can either go up or down depending on the amount you will need for your typical condition and what you wish to achieve. Compared to traditional fillers, it still costs significantly less and provides the same results.

How exactly does it work?

While the technology for the Hyaluron Pen has been around for more than a decade, its use for adding dermal fillers have only been present within the last few years. Designed initially for the non-needle injection of insulin for patients with diabetes and other forms of medication, the Hyaluron Pen uses a pin-and-hammer technology that pushes the content through a tiny hole inside of its sterile plastic shell casing. The biggest advantage of the Hyaluron Pen compared to traditional needle fillers is that the Hyaluron Pen delivers a much more even and dispersed amount with each shot of the pen. In the image below, you can see how traditional fillers are inserted into the skin with varying angles and it becomes very uneven. With the Hyaluron Pen (and a certified practitioner), the treatment is less invasive, less painful, and delivers a more even flow of filler with each shot compared to traditional needle fillers where it is up to the doctor or nurse's eye. With the Hyaluron Pen, each shot is measured out and delivered perfectly each time.


As we age, we begin to lose fat and bone around our face, making it appear to look old and allowing our skin to sag and wrinkle.  Hyaluronic acid is an essential skin component that is produced naturally in our bodies and it acts like a sponge that retains water and keeps the skin moisturized, plumped and healthy. As we age, the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid also begins to slow down and our skin becomes dry, thin and fragile. In order to help reduce the signs of aging, hyaluronic acid gels can be injected within the skin, where it will act as a filler and facial fat alternative.

We use only the best and highest grade hyaluronic acid fillers and will suggest different types for different purposes, such as the face, lips, or body fillers. The procedure only takes about 15 to 20 minutes for most facial and dermal fillers and no numbing cream is required. There is very little pain compared to traditional needle fillers and have far less bruising or swelling and allergic reactions since it does not use any needles.


1mm filler to add volume and shape correction to upper and lower lips. The results are instant and lasts between 8-10 months.

Areas of Treatment

Forehead Lines
Smile Lines
Nasolabial lines
Upper and/or Lower Lips - Volumizing and Shape Correction


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Advantages of the HP Pen vs. Traditional Fillers

No needles

Less bruising and swelling

Less infection and allergic reactions

No numbing required

Minimal side effects

Far less downtime

Less invasive procedure

Most patients can return to work the same day

Significant cost difference

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