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Medical Tattoos is a thing

Not all of us are born with perfect hair or eyebrows, full lips or amazingly beautiful eyes. For every person that are lucky enough to inherit great genes, there are ten others who have less than stellar genetic makeup. Some of us are born with birthmarks, some with a cleft lip, some with vitiligo and other skin and pigment disorders, and other genetic defects. As we age, we suffer from hair loss and baldness, we get age spots and unwanted scars from accidents or surgeries.

All of these events shape our lives in one way or another. As much as we think they don't affect our lives, they do and often with unwanted results - from the child with a birthmark on her face who is always bullied at school, to the 35-year-old male who suffers from constant depression due to male-pattern baldness. There are no known treatments for birthmarks or a magic pill that will grow your hair back. But thanks to modern advances in medicine, technology, and art, we now have paramedical micropigmentation.

Paramedical micropigmentation (also known as PMP) is the introduction of micropigments into the upper layers of the dermis by mechanical means for the purpose of simulating pigmentation and color in the skin. In more simple terms, it is the art of medical tattooing. Unlike traditional tattoos where art is the focal point and purpose, PMP is designed to conceal and camouflage. It can cover unwanted burn scars, birthmarks, dark and off-color skin patches such as Vitiligo or age spots. It can simulate a clean-shaven head of hair or fill in spots that need more density. It can also help simulate areolas and cover surgical scars from breast cancer victims.

At Natural Effects Paramedical Pigmentation Clinics, we pride ourselves in offering the latest and most advanced paramedical micropigmentation procedures the industry has to offer. The advancement of medical tattooing has given the fledgling art of micropigmentation the potential to change lives for those who are in the need of hair loss simulation, pattern baldness, scar camouflage, reconstructive surgery, and many other medical conditions that modern healthcare cannot provide. Our artists and technicians are highly skilled and solely focused on specialized treatments with a core focus on the health industry and delivering only the best results. Contact us for a completely free consultation and see why we are the leading providers in the industry.

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