What exactly is Skin Micropigmentation?

Skin Micropigmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic technique of tattooing using micropigments into the skin, replicating the natural look of skin features. Unlike traditional tattoos where the artwork is the central focus, paramedical skin micropigmentation focus on camouflaging and concealing defects. Practitioners are referred to as "pigmentologists" because the focus is on the mixing and blending of colors to make it match and blend with your natural skin. While there are some similarities to traditional tattoos, there are also many big differences. The types of pigments are very different as well as the needles and machines used. Due to the nature of our dermal focus, Natural Effects clinics are set up more like a medical office than traditional tattoo parlors or hair salons.



Many skin defects such as birthmarks, age spots, or color blemishes have no medical cure. The natural pigments in our skin changes with time, our exposure to sunlight, and even daily diet. Some genetic disorders are determined at birth which modern medicines cannot offer solutions for. Medical tattoos have a wide variety of uses and can solve some of the pigments and color changes our skin go through and offers a better alternative.  



No medication needed, no invasive surgery. The results are instant and you can see the immediate difference it makes in just one session. Colors and pigments are adjusted and layered each session and the average treatment consists of two to three sessions. There are little to no side-effects associated with skin micropigmentation and general skin reactions and symptoms associated with traditional tattoos and permanent make-up and cosmetics are minor.



Age spots and blemishes are the most common forms of skin pigmentations. Almost all men and women acquire them due to age, exposure to sunlight, lifestyle, and even diet choices have all been connected to skin blemishes. Facial blemishes are the most common and are also the most noticeable. Having blemishes and age spots removed instantly makes you look dramatically younger. And because the spots are generally small and require less treatment time, the cost is relatively low compared to anti-aging creams, botox or other anti-aging options.


Stretchmarks are also very common and most adults have them. Whether through pregnancy or weight loss or gains, most of us have stretchmarks. Whether you are self-conscious about wearing that bikini or want to lessen the effects of the stretch marks, paramedical micropigmentation is the perfect solution to stretchmarks because it camouflages the effects immediately.

Age Spots and Blemishes

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Dermal Pigmentation

Weight Stretch Marks

Pigment Correction on Client with Pigment Loss from Scarring

Stretchmarks Camouflage on Shoulders and Buttocks


Burn scars, surgical scars, accident and general scars such as stretch marks can all be faded and concealed with scar camouflaging. If you have any sort of scars that impede on your look and want to make them less noticeable (or completely gone in some cases), then let us help. Give us a call for a completely free consultation and let us show you why we have helped change thousands of lives.

Post Op / Bypass Scars

Cosmetic Scars

Surgical Scars

Burn Scars

Trauma Scars

Dermal Scars

Post Surgical

General Scars

Camouflage on Client with Laser Burn Scar

Camouflage on Client with Major Leg Trauma Surgical Scar


Vitiligo is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body due to a dysfunction of the melanocytes (cells that make pigment color in our skin). Vitiligo is not contagious and there are currently few treatments for it. Many current treatment options for vitiligo have unwanted side effects and include surgical and medical treatments. Compared to surgical skin grafts (which poses many risks), paramedical micropigmentation is non-surgical and the results are almost instant. Most patients, depending on the size and area, requires between two to three treatments for maximum results and is a fraction of current surgical procedures. We offer many different payment and financing plans and will also work with your insurance provider to cover any treatment costs.


Camouflage on Client with Lupus

Camouflage on Client with Segmental Vitiligo

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