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Evan Lee, one of the leading medical tattooists and trainers in the country


Founder, Primary Practitioner

Paramedical Pigmentologist, Head Instructor

With over a decade of experience, Evan Lee is a dedicated medical tattooist who provides personalized treatments to conceal scars and restore confidence. Passionate about staying at the forefront of his field, Evan utilizes the latest techniques and educates aspiring professionals, empowering clients to embrace their true selves and thrive. His expertise and commitment to exceptional, transformative care make Evan a leader in medical tattooing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is medical tattooing?
    Medical Tattooing or "Paramedical Micropigmentation" is the introduction of micro pigments into the upper layers of the dermis by mechanical means for the purpose of simulating skin tone or cosmetic features. Medical tattooing has been hailed as one of the greatest breakthroughs in cosmetic procedures for medical procedures for hair and skin issues of the last decade. From correcting skin pigment disorders to minimizing scars and stretchmarks, to cosmetically enhancing thinning hair - the benefits and applications for it are endless.
  • Isn't that just a fancy name for permanent make-up or tattoo? How is that different from regular tattoos?
    Yes and technically no. While the process is similar in that both techniques do use a needle and inks, that is as far as it goes in comparison. Traditional tattoos use larger needles and more permanent inks and goes much deeper into the skin. That is why you often see bleeding when traditional tattoos are applied. Paramedical Micropigmentation uses much smaller needles and pigments that are more fine and is implemented into the upper dermis, which allows it to look more soft and transparent to blend into natural skin. The purpose of tattoos is to make a dramatic statement while Paramedical Micropigmentation is quite the exact opposite - it looks so real that you will not be able to tell between what is skin or hair. Regular tattoos usually only take one session while medical tattoos take multiple sessions before completion. It's like someone taking a Sharpie and drawing on you versus getting an airbrush painted on. One looks rough with hard lines and edges and the other is nice and soft. With traditional tattoos, you want everyone to know that you have a tatoo. With camouflage work, you don't want anyone to know that there used to be a scar, stretchmark, or other imperfections on your body.
  • What can Paramedical Micropigmentation help with?
    Because the process itself adds micro pigments back into the skin, it is an ideal way to add color to areas of the skin where pigment is lacking. Patients suffering from scars that are lighter or darker in color, burn victims with large patches of off-colored skin, patients with vitiligo, alopecia, patients with post-breast surgery treatments looking to create a more natural areola and cover scars and even other non-invasive skin defects such as birthmarks and general stretch marks can greatly benefit by covering up the scars with a more natural look. It can also lighten dark areas for aesthetic reasons, or correct and camouflage surgical scars. It can also help with hair loss by creating a naturally-looking shaved head, or by filling in thinning and balding areas by making the hair look more dense and full. It can also fill out patchy beards and facial hair. Read more info on our procedures or check out our gallery of images to see what micropigmentation has done for our many clients and patients.
  • How long does it take to get the work done?
    While each treatment varies depending on the type of procedure and area being worked on, the average treatment usually consists of 2-3 sessions and each session is between 3 to 4 hours. We typically schedule sessions a week apart to allow the body to heal fully before the next session. Each procedure ranges in time and difficulty as well. Contact us now for more details and we can get you a better estimate on timeframe and walk you through the process and procedure.
  • Does it hurt?
    Every patient's scenario, treatment area, treatment type and pain-resistance level is different. With that being said, many patients report a mild tingling sensation and ranks the pain between a 2 and 4 on a pain level between 1 and 10. Although there is only a 10% chance of clients reporting pain, our practioners will always work with you to look at different options to manage pain prior to each treatment.
  • Is the procedure permanent? How long does it last?
    Every patient and client's scenario, skin type, physical activity level as well as lifestyle differs. It is a known fact that all tattoos fades over time simply because the human body actively fights to break down foreign substances. Most patients come in for touch-ups between 4-6 years while some last beyond 8 or more years. We are one of the few providers that offer free touch-ups in the first year, and provide reduced rates and plans for touch-ups and follow up sessions.
  • Is it safe?
    Paramedical Micropigmentation is one, if not the safest, and non-invasive procedures available on the market today for camouflaging scars, treatment of alopecia, vitiligo coverage, scalp micropigmentation, hair loss and among many other medical conditions. All Paramedical Micropigmentation artists and technicians are highly trained and certified and all procedures are performed in a clinical setting. The cost of micropigmentation is a fraction of most alternative surgical procedures and it does not involve surgery and have no side effects compared to other alternatives.
  • Does it fade?
    All tattoos and micropigmentation fades over time. The human body naturally fights and tries to break down any foreign particles. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, age of the client, use of various lotions and chemicals, and even lifestyle (swimming or running) can contribute to fading. The average micropigmentation procedure can last anywhere between 5-10 years depending on the situation of each individual client. As mentioned previously, we guarantee our work and provide free touch-ups for a year and have reduced pricing for all clients on follow-ups and treatment plans.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Like any other tattoos, side effects are standard within the industry, but they are much more mild compared to surgical side effects. Standard tattoo side effects include allergic reactions such as swelling, bruising and rashes. Because it is not surgical, most symptoms subside within a week or can be easily treated by a physician since the work is performed on the outer layer of your skin. It's a lot like getting a minor paper cut - slight pain sensation for a few minutes, then some soreness is continued the first day. The area begins to scab after day 4 to 7 and that's about it.
  • I have a bad experience with another provider. Can you fix my procedure?
    Yes, and it happens more often than you think. Finding a good provider is about looking at their history and work samples, but most important, it is also about their dedication to safety and training. We have performed many corrections. Like any other tattoo work, anything can be fixed according to your needs. One of our favorite quotes from a client is: "I went to a cheaper provider, but can you fix it?" Our providers are well trained and have much experience in the industry and we will work with you to address any of your concerns prior to any procedures. All consultations are completely free so please take advantage of it. Just keep in mind that repair and reconstruction work costs dramatically more than getting it done properly the first time through.
  • How much does it cost?
    Cost varies greatly depending on the procedure, area of treatment, and of course, scheduling availability. A small and simple area of treatment can be $200-600 and takes less than an hour to treat, while a full section of an arm, full scalp or full torso could take up to four sessions of 3-4 hours for each session (totalling 16 hours or more) and can cost upwards of $3,000 or $4,000 and more. We work off an hourly rate and everything is based on time spent, the level of expertise of each practitioner, and the difficulty of the area. The age-old adage of "good work ain't cheap and fast work ain't good" applies here especially. Often times, clients try to save a little money only to have their skin and body damaged and spending 4-5 times trying to get it corrected. And, once the damage is done, corrective work becomes dramatically more difficult to achieve, especially on a procedure that is fairly permanent on your body. That's why experience matters and selecting your practitioner is absolutely important. It is best to contact us so we can provide you with more accurate pricing on your desired procedure. We have new client discounts and friends and family incentives as well as financing options.
  • There are many other providers that do this. Why should I choose you?
    One of the many things we hear from other people is "I can do that." Sure you can buy a tattoo gun and some ink and give it a go. And that is exactly what many tattoo artists and make-up artists do. The question you have to ask yourself is whether that is who you want to perform work on you. It's common sense really. You don't go to a hair stylist to get a tattoo and you don't get a tattoo from a mechanic. Find someone that specializes in what you want done and look at their work, then talk to them and find out as much information as possible. Better yet, talk to their customers and see what they think. At Natural Effects, you get to do all of that. All of our work and client results are posted for everyone to see. We provide samples of procedures we have performed; we offer completely free consultations and we even provide communications so you can talk to our clients. Our work is so good that clients happily volunteer their time to show you how happy they are. You honestly can't beat that.
  • Do you provide financing, credit or payment plans?
    Yes! We offer financing through many different providers and only work with the best programs that benefit our clients. We also work with insurance companies for certain procedures (such as areola and scar camouflage on breast cancer patients) to cover the cost of the procedure. All financing is typically done on sight with immediate results and, depending on the provider and your credit, we offer 6 months to a year of 0% interest with no set up fees or charges!
  • Do you do any free or charity work?
    One of the primary reasons why our Founder, Evan Lee, formed Natural Effects was for that very reason. We support numerous charities, promote the industry and attend as many shows and conferences as we can because paramedical micropigmentation should be something that is more widely available to everyone. You can find out more information on our "Giving Back" page where we talk about all of the charities and pro bono work we perform. You can also contact us at any of our locations to find out more info and see how we can help you.
  • I am interested, what is the next step?"
    Contact us through the website, by e-mail, any of our social media pages, or call and text us at any of our locations and let our providers help you make the right decision. What many people don't understand is the importance of your self-confidence. Change your life one step at a time because your happiness is a result of your self-confidence. All consultations are completely free of charge. Take a photo of the area, let us take a look and we will make the best suggestions for your needs - whether it's through something simple as skincare or a camouflage procedure - we will make sure that what you want is exactly what you need. All consultations are completely free and we will help answer any questions or concerns you may have.
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