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Founder, Primary Practitioner

Paramedical Pigmentologist, Certified Master Trainer / Head Instructor

Everyone experiences trauma and severe stress at one point or another in their lives. We are born with imperfections and we all age. I have seen first hand how these events can cause depression and how it can affect our self-confidence. I help my clients, both men and women, to achieve healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationship, work, and self-confidence goals.

Every treatment and procedure I perform is unique and tailored for each individual client. I am a big proponent of education and I love to teach others and also learn myself. I continually learn new procedures and techniques to better my skills and benefit my clients' well-being.

I have worked in the health and medical industry since 2013 and specialize in paramedical micropigmentation with an emphasis on scar and skin treatments. My educational background includes a Bachelor in Business. I also started the Paramedical Micropigmentation Institute of America to educate others in the field.

My core focus and specialty are in health and paramedical procedures including areola micropigmentation, skin camouflage, stretch mark coverage, scalp micropigmentation, dry needling and scar reduction, and plasma skin tightening and plasma lifts.

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